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ClearCut: Thinner, Clearer, Cleaner

Avery Dennison ClearCut™: an evolution in adhesive technology

Avery Dennison ClearCut™ is an evolutionary adhesive technology designed for speed, reliability and low contamination levels. Its breakthrough formulation ensures exceptional clarity and adhesive wet-out. Excellent water whitening resistance makes ClearCut™ a winning choice for the ‘no label’ look – now possible on a whole range of different container types.


As a next-generation adhesive platform, ClearCut™ does not compromise on high-speed conversion and dispensing, while using thinner constructions. More labels on a roll mean lower transport costs, fewer reel changes and a boost to green credentials.


Outstanding resistance to water whitening means that the new Prime Film portfolio featuring ClearCut adhesive technology can deliver a ‘no label’ look that survives demanding environments in the kitchen and bathroom. Brand aesthetics are better both at the point of sale and as a product is used by the consumer.


ClearCut™ gives up to 50% less adhesive bleed compared with current industry standards, while having best-in-class adhesive wet-out and clarity. You enjoy the benefits of self-adhesive labelling in full, with easier and cleaner operations, and with important reductions in equipment downtime.